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Just Because I Have A Green Thumb

A few years ago, my interest in herb planting suddenly grew after receiving a young mint plant as a wedding favor. I was surprised when the herb survived, that’s when I got hooked and wanted to have more. My family went to Baguio for a vacation and I knew that there is a place called Baguio City Orchidarium where you can find a wide variety of plants and flowers. The place did not disappoint me, I kid you not!

Ang gaganda ng herbs na binebenta nila during that time and I think I spent an hour trying to figure out which herb plant to buy! I wanted to buy all! My interest in herb planting went on for a couple years until when the busiest time in school came (both as a student and as a teacher), and I barely had 5 minutes to go out of the garden and water my plants. Most of them didn’t survive, obviously. But my rosemary plants are still there.

I have been wanting to go back to herb planting but I knew I will end up killing them because of lack of time. Sometime in April of this year, I went to a dear friend’s wedding, and the couple gave baby succulents as a wedding favor to their guests. I knew that my love for plants is still there because I literally got excited and wanted to take all the succulents home :p

That’s when my obsession with succulents and cacti started. I began purchasing different varieties one by one until I found myself looking for rare kinds. I actually spent P500 on a single grafted cactus!

I began researching more about cacti and succulents care, and even learned how to propagate. You can actually buy an echeveria plant, dissect all the leaves, and propagate them so you can have even more succulents!


My cacti family

It feels so good to finally be able to plant again without having to think about anything else. I get such a natural high whenever I garden. It’s a natural stress reliever and being outdoors never fail to help me clear my mind!

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