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Finally Reached the Finish Line

Wow, it’s been three months since the last time I wrote here. That’s how busy I was! It was the most stressful three months of my post graduate life. I finally finished my Master’s portfolio paper and I must say I went through hell. My mentor was hard to please but in the end was all worth it. I was in the verge of giving up three days before the submission deadline.

I wanted to stop right then and there and sleep and not think about research, and writing, and revisions, and deadlines! But then I realized it doesn’t make any sense if I give up because in three days, all of these would be over. Konting kembot na lang, ang sabi sakin ng friends ko.

When my mentor was finally satisfied with my paper, and it was time to submit copies to the department, I knew I had a week to study because I still needed to present my paper in front of a panel. The week went by quickly, and finally everything was over.

When I was still finishing my coursework, I was wondering to myself “ano ba itong pinasok ko!” When I was studying for my Written Comprehensive Exam, I wanted to give up and just forget about the whole thing! But I have supportive friends and a supportive husband who pushed me to finish what I started.

I am finally done. I am lucky to have enrolled in a Master’s program with the best mentors. It was truly an unforgettable two-year experience. I have equally supportive classmates, which I wish could have finished the program with me. Good luck sa inyo! 

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