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How to Prepare Your Toddler In the First Day of Pre School

My son went back to school last June 13, now as a Pre Kinder student. I have seen how much he have matured in a span of one week. The school did an amazing job in handling students during the first week of classes. I also learned a lot of things about dealing with a toddler during the first day in Pre Kinder.

Drop and Go!

I went with Dia inside his classroom on the first day and I was a bit anxious since he had this about-to-cry look on his face. First day jitters, I guess. I was expecting that I would have to stay inside the classroom the entire time, but was even more relieved than scared when his teacher suddenly said, “Okay parents, thank you! We will see you later after class!” Which meant, we weren’t allowed to stay inside at all!Aaackkk! Panic! Hahaha!

I went to Teacher Mads and I warned her how loud Dia can cry. Teacher Mads assured me that they will take good care of Dia. I left the classroom and as soon as the doors closed, I heard Dia cry his lungs out! Lol!!!

I was pleased that the teachers made the parents leave the classroom on the first day of school. But I couldn’t help wondering if it was a wise thing to do, considering that the child might get traumatized with school and end up not wanting to go at all.

I asked my good friend, Patty, who happens to be a pre-school teacher, about it and she reassured me that it was fine. She shared that she also requires parents to just drop off their child and leave right away.

Assure your child that they are in a safe and fun place

Teacher Patty said the kids need to learn how to trust their teachers, and usually no one cries anymore after a week. Teacher Patty also told me that the parents need to do their job as well by assuring their child that the classroom is a safe environment, and that learning is fun so that they are psyched to go to school.

True enough, Dia didn’t cry anymore on the third day and was even brave enough to walk by himself to his classroom! 🙂 Oh joy! I could not describe how happy (and free!!!) I felt when he let go of my hand without fuss! Last Saturday, Dia went to a party and even joined the games by himself without forcing any of us to go with him. He is now such an independent boy! So mommies, don’t be afraid to do the “drop-and-go” 🙂

(Photo credit to Pre-K C Teachers)

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